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Top 5 things brides forget on their big day!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

With all of the little details, ok the 1,000,0001 details brides are juggling, it is easy to forget some of the most obvious items on your big day! Here are the top 5 items brides tend to forget on their wedding day.

1. Food!

You would be surprised how many brides forget to eat on their wedding day! With all of the nerves and all of the activities to get ready it is easy to forget to stop and eat. Make sure if you are not having a scheduled bridal luncheon or other meals that you have snacks throughout the day to munch on and water to drink. It would be awful, and extremely embarrassing, if while you are standing at the front getting ready to say your vows that you passed out because you didn't have anything to eat or drink all day.

2. Hair and Make Up Touch Up Kit

While most brides have their hair done by a professional, many like to do their own make up or use their own products. It is easy to just put them away back in your bathroom or wherever you are getting dressed just out of habit. Then when you get to the venue you are hugging your friends and family, crying because let's just face it, it is an emotional day, or you've had a snack and needed to wipe your face. Oh no!! "I need a touch up but I don't have my make up!" Make sure to bring some basic items such as foundation, water proof mascara, powder, eye liner, and lipstick. Throw in a hair brush or comb and some hair spray for good measure too. That gust of wind always seems to come out of nowhere!

3. Emergency Kit

No matter how well you think you have planned for your wedding things are going to happen. The button will pop off of your dad's tuxedo, one of your bridesmaid dresses will rip at the seam, the ring bearer's shirt will be too big, and so on. Having an emergency kit with certain items will make these little mishaps go away smoothly and have you on your way down the aisle. Here are just a few staples to have in your kit:

  • Black electrical tape (you will not believe how versatile this is at a wedding!)

  • Safety pins and straight pins

  • Sewing kit (make sure to have white, black, and a very neutral color thread)

  • Medication (something for a headache, upset stomach, itch cream for bug bites, etc.)

  • Tissues

  • Pantyhose

  • Green floral tape

  • Deodorant

  • Mints and/or Mouthwash

  • Floss

  • Bobby pins

  • Scissors

  • Clear nail polish

  • Iron on hemming tape

  • Regular scotch tape

  • Lint roller

  • Super glue

3. Phone Charger

You will be on your phone all day taking pictures and texting with family and friends (or maybe your soon to be spouse!). Your phone's battery will definitely need a charge. It is easy to forget to bring your phone charger with you wherever you are during the day. Most often times the phone charger is in one of two places, and neither of those are with the couple getting dressed or dancing it up at the reception. Brides and grooms tend to forget their phone charger at home, because let's face it you don't normally grab your charger when you leave in the morning. The other place is packed in your overnight bag that has now been placed in your suite for the wedding night or in your suitcase for the honeymoon you are leaving for in the morning. Neither place will do you any good when it is early afternoon, your wedding is not for a few more hours and you only have 5% left in your battery!

4. Cake Knife and Toasting Flutes

Many couples assume the cake knife or toasting flutes will just be provided with the other catering items or brought with the cake. However, many vendors and caterers do not automatically provide these items. Make sure to decide if you are going to get your own, borrow some from family or friends, or put in your caterer's contract to bring these items to your reception. If you are bringing your own or borrowing some bring the boxes they come in to make sure they are kept safe and minimize the risk of breaking them.

5. All of your stuff after the reception is over!

You just had an amazing send off from your reception with all of your family and friends lined up with sparklers and bubbles cheering you on as you get into the limo to take you to your suite for the night. As you are sitting in the backseat smiling, talking about how great of day it was and that you can't believe you are finally married you realize all of the gifts, cards, and other things you had at your reception! Who is getting those, when are they getting them, and where are they going? Make sure to designate someone to gather all of your cards, presents, and other personal items directly following the reception.

If you do not have a wedding planner, like one from Eternal Elegance Events, who is taking care of all of this for you, ask that family member or friend who keeps asking you "How can I help?", but you just don't have a job for them yet. They can be in charge of making sure you have these items for you!

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